The Climb: Ascent To Paradise

Embark on a life or death climbing experience to reach Paradise City at the top, racing against the rising toxic ocean and survive environmental extinction while an almighty God hardens your path to salvation by throwing rocks on your way, leading you to a trap or releasing thunder in your way. God may consider you worthy or condemn you because of your past actions.

The Climb is a demo for a game concept I worked on for our Game Design course at the Centre for Digital Media. My roles for this project were mainly Game Designer, Narrative Designer and Project Manager which included:

  • Collaboration with the rest of the team to design all the aspects of the game design
  • Facilitate team meetings and overview the development of the game
  • Write Design Documentation
  • Working closely with our programmer iterating through gameplay features: God’s abilities, Climber’s abilities and the profile mechanics for the score
  • I was responsible for the narrative design: created the main narrative of the game, as well as the profile examples
  • Balance PC and VR player’s abilities by designing new mechanics