Let's explore the world!
ROAM is a 2.5D game aimed for children 4 to 6 years old where they will have the chance to explore different worlds and embark adventures to help new friends they'll meet along the way. Through a series of contextual mini-games, children will be able to practise and learn cognitive skills.

ROAM is a project I worked on while studying my Master's Degree at CDM where we partnered with Yalty Software to create an engaging educational game.
My position in this project was Game Designer/Producer. As a Game Designer I created the game concepts behind the 4 mini-games we implemented in the prototype, design the core-loop mechanics and iterate through the games with the rest of my team.
As a Producer, I managed the team's tasks using Sprint methodology and worked as a bridge between designers and developers to implement the aesthetics vision and desired gameplay for our prototype. Since this was a student project, I had to take on other tasks and roles:

  • I created the Narrative for both worlds in our prototype in a way that the mini-games will be incorporated into it
  • I helped the developers by implementing the UI elements in Unity and creating the menu screens
  • I wrote scripts and created storyboards for the animated scenes. I also animated 3 of the 5 scenes using Adobe After Effects
  • I designed and created the tutorials for the mini-games
  • This project was a challenge because designing games for children was a completely new experience for our Team. However, we learned a lot about gameplay design, fast prototyping and how learning should be done through fun and not the other way around.