Londinium: The Adventure

Your New Summer Obsession!
Collect all the ingredients needed to create your favourite Flavoured Tonic Water and unlock every level. Remember, it’s never ending if you drink enough Londinium Tonic!

Londinium was a 2D platformer game project I worked while working in the Marketing Department of Grup Xuquer, a Spanish beverages factory and distributor. It was conceptualized to serve as a marketing tool and since I was part of a small department, I had to work alone to push this idea forward. This experience taught me a lot about what making a game entails and enhanced my passion for game design by exposing myself to many skills I had to learn in order to develop this game, which included:

  • I learnt C# and Unity by creating all the code in the game
  • I created all the art and 2D assets
  • I designed 50 different levels for the game
  • I designed the “marketing mechanic” where players had to introduce the barcode number of our product to gain more lives or wait until they replenished
  • I user tested and iterated on the early prototypes
  • Unfortunately, due to an internal conflict between the brand and the company this project was cancelled before we had an opportunity to launch it. However, it left an imprint on me and influenced my decision of pursuing Game Design as a career.