I worked on this project as part of my Digital Media Master’s program at the Centre for Digital Media.

team worked with the Global Reporting Center on the ideation of an exhibit and how to bring the traditional content from the client to a digital, interactive and immersive environment. In order to accomplish this, the team created an immersive video experience in one of the containers while the other container would have three different experiences, each of them focusing on a different aspect of the Fishmeal Industry.

AR Experience from Rosa Cebolla Perpiña on Vimeo.

After the team conducted research on other traveling exhibitions and the topic of Fishmeal, we decided to have an immersive video experience in one of the containers to portray a general view of the topic using the video assets and information provided by the client. While the video was playing, outline-signifiers would appear on the screen to indicate which parts provided more information. If the user touched one of the signifiers, a pop-up text bubble with text appeared providing more information.

In the second container, the team decided to design a multimedia exhibit around three aspects of the topic: general facts, information about the production process and the impact of producing fishmeal. The first part of the multimedia exhibit displayed a group of infographics to keep the essence of a traditional exhibit and inform the visitors about general information of the exhibit.

The second step was an AR experience where the visitor is able to see the hidden cost behind each step of fishmeal production, as well as reinforce the idea of investigating a topic. The last part of the exhibit were two interactive screens that present a game of estimation, where the intent was to provide a scaling view of the problem through visuals.