Jump your way out of space!
Help both Astronauts get back to their ship after being propelled out of it during an emergency landing. Try to find the best path to reach the next safe zone by using the remaining oxygen to jump onto the metal scraps. But be aware, oxygen is limited and shared, both of them need to make it back safe!

Astrozzle is a 2D puzzle-platformer game that I am currently working as a side personal project. Puzzle games are one of my favourite genres and I have always been fascinated by their designs, so I decided to challenge myself and try to design one.
From the first iteration I knew I wanted to have the player bounded by a system of turns or a countdown clock. I also knew there were going to be two playable characters whose movements would impact each other’s options. Finally, I knew I wanted it to be single player.
This experience has taught me a lot about Game Design, about testing, iterating and also to use my skills to my advantage since some of the iterations had to happen because my Unity skills weren’t as advanced as I needed them to be. However, this forced me to re-work the problem and approach it from a direction that allowed me to create a solution. I have had the opportunity to polish many skills through this project and I continue doing so by:

  • Consolidating my knowledge of C# and Unity by creating all the code in the game
  • Improving my Graphic Design skills by creating all the art and 2D assets
  • Learning and improving my Level Design skills
  • This is an ongoing project at the moment that I hope to be able to launch on the Play Store and keep iterating on it once I have feedback from a wider range of players.